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IntaMobility Ltd supply a wide range of invalidity scooters for those with leg problems, lower body weakness, amputees, and for the elderly.

We supply both Class 2 and Class 3 invalidity scooters, for indoor use, for shopping, or for longer journeys.

Our pavement invalidity scooters normally travel at 4mp, but our road scooters can travel at 6-8mph.

We have invalidity scooters to fit all of your needs...

Invalidity scooters. Regain your freedom!

When choosing a invalidity scooter you need to consider if you will use it soley indoors, or if you will travel to the shops, and how far away those hops are.

You may also consider if you need to put your invalidity scooter in a care or a minibus. For a care boot you will need a folding scooter or one that will take apart. For a minibus you will need a ramp, which we also supply.

Insurance is not a legal requirement, but it is very wise since you may bump a car and damage it.

We can assist and advise you with suitable insurance for your invalidity scooter.

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